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Master's Degree Admission



5 Reasons for choosing MIPT

1. «Phystech System»

Unique academic-industry educational system: pre-admission selection of talented young people; fundamental scientific basis; research at one of our academic-industry partner institutions.

2. Scientific "Top-notch" Community

An outstanding scientific atmosphere, inspiring young researchers to be aimed at scientific breakthroughs! World class scientists including several Nobel Prize winners are among the MIPT founders and alumni.

3. Research environment

Unique opportunity to get involved into the cutting-edge research projects in the various fields of fundamental science.

4. Excellent resources

Due to substantial investment, the modern laboratories and advanced equipment are strengthening the reputation of MIPT as a leading scientific institution in experimental subjects.

5. Career Prospects

By final years, the graduating students gain versatile qualifications with the deep fundamental, practical and highly-marketable skills and are best fit to work in the most demanded scientific and technological fields.

Key facts

  • 10 Nobel Prize winners among professors and alumni
  • Over 7,000 students
  • Over 2,000 faculty members
  • Over 900 international students from 54 countries
  • #1 in Russia in admission ranking (avg score 94/100)
  • Top-3 University in all Russian rankings
  • THE Physical Sciences 2018 - 48
  • QS World University Rankings BRICS 2018 - 28


Key founding principles (Phystech System):

  • Pre-admission selection of the most talented and creative school graduates
  • Intensive teaching of basic fundamentals of natural sciences Accelerated involvement of students in real research Involvement of leading scientists and best researchers (incl. alumni) in a teaching process
  • Competitive research environment inside MIPT
  • Involvement of hi-tech an industrial companies



Mipt’s curriculum covers all areas of physics, the fundamental course being a jewel in its crown including such areas of study as general and applied physics and ebergy engineering, as well as cross-curriculum studies in cognitive technologies, nano- and bio-informatics.


Life sciences

Mipt trains specialists in the fields of Biology and Chemistry with a medical background, which allows them to conduct cross-disciplinary  research. The 21’st century is called the century of living systems’ due to the tremendous upgrowth in this field  after the breakthroughs in the studies of the human genome and microorganisms.


Areas of study vary from electronics and working with infocommunication networs and systems, to Aircraft technology and Data processing and transmittion.


Fundamental knowledge in Mathematics and Physics can be sucsessfully  applied in the field of software engineering. This course plases particular  Emphasis on discrete matematics and computer science, mathematical modelling, innovation economics and technology.



International Students about MIPT

Mickel González Sánchez

Program "Advanced

Johnson Tellis

Program "Neural networks
& Neural computers"

Pan Yonggang

Program "Beam-plasma systems
& Technologies"

"Russia is the birthplace of many mathematical theories and giant mathematician which and whom changed the face and perspective view of mathematics forever! So every University and institute in Russia has been benefited from the blessings of mathematics and MIPT is not an exception from it and has a great Scientists, Professors and Students in this field which is the language of nature! I can say that the program Advanced Combinatorics is one of the valuable and productive programs in Mathematics in the World!"

"The atmosphere around the University is conducive for doing research and excelling in the chosen field. With the infrastructure and the opportunities provided one could use his intellectualism to conquer the unconquered with the guidance of the highly experience staff to conclude in a nutshell, I feel fortunate to be in MIPT"

"It’s a great experience for me. I’ve meet new friends from all over the world and very good professors very well prepared and highly motivated. People from different cultures and backgrounds are treated with respect and dignity fuelled by guidance and encouragement from the teaching team, as well as supported by excellent resources.

In general it’s a great program, it really met all my expectations and I want to finish it and continue looking for a PhD at MIPT."


At master's level lectures and seminars are held at MIPT and at  the Basic Chairs (affiliated laboratories, R&D departments, or prominent high-tech companies) as well. Fundamental education, engineering disciplines and research are combined and complement each other.

The 4th semester is fully devoted to research work. Direct involvement of students in real scientific activities, guarantees a high competitiveness in the labor market. Graduates of MIPT work in the leading research institutes of Russia and abroad and the largest commercial companies. The Institute ranks first in terms of salaries of graduates in  IT sector (according to the portal SuperJob  Russia).



Affiliated department

2nd Year of Master

1st Year of Master

Student life

As an MIPT student, you will be guaranteed accommodation on campus, across the road from lecture halls and many of the university’s labs. Each department has a student hall, each with its own cafes, reading rooms, common areas, kitchens, laundry rooms, gyms, other facilities – and its own unique atmosphere. Every room has a wired and wireless broadband connection, with additional wi-fi hotspots available throughout the campus. The campus itself is guarded by university security and student volunteers, while medical services are provided by nearby hospitals and a dedicated MIPT polyclinic.

At MIPT, we have always believed that there is more to student life than study. Given the rigours of academic training, extracurricular activities are an excellent way to unwind and branch out. A large number of societies and activities provide a great outlet for the students’ creative and sporting side. There are chess clubs, debating societies, all kinds of student theatre and comedy, festivals of fine arts and music held throughout the year. The university stadium and gyms provide facilities for football, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, and more. The campus also has a swimming pool and tennis courts, while in winter students can rent skis and skates to get a taste of Russian sports




International students can apply for admission on a fee-paying basis. Applicants will need to complete MIPT entrance exams and an interview with the admissions board before being offered a place. The tuition fee for 2018/19 is 350,000 Russian rubles per year.

International students can apply for government scholarship. The scholarship will completely waive all tuition fees for selected full-degree Master’s programs at MIPT.


STEP 1  Register on the website russia.study/en fill out an electronic form and submit your application. Indicate the university you like most of all as your first choice (Moscow institute of Physics and Technology - MIPT) and list other schools in descending order according to your preferences, but no more than six. Please indicate the "Reference number" of the chosen master program (example 03.04.01, etc)

STEP 2  Find yourself on the list of candidates. This information will be published on the official website of the united operator in your country or can be mailed directly to the applicants (please confirm this in the relevant representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo).

STEP 3  Inform MIPT (programmes.eng@mail.ru) that you've chosen our University so we could submit you in our system.

STEP 4  Get an invitation from the Russian Ministry of Education and apply for a Student visa in Russian Embassy in your country.

For more information on how to apply at russia.study portal please refer to the User Guide for Candidates

Contact information

The international office is located  in Dolgoprudniy town, Moscow Region, 141700 Institutskiy per 7, Auditorium Building


E-mail: programmes.eng@mail.ru

Polina Golubkova

Ksenia Nikitina

Admission office
(English taught Master’s, Postgraduate)

+7 (498) 744-65-92

room 405


E-mail: intoff@mipt.ru

Albert Baryshev

Nataliya Sidelnikova

Admission office
(Russian taught Master’s, Postgraduate)

+7 (495) 408-70-43

room 315


office hours:

Monday-Friday, 09:00 to 18:00

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STEP 1  Register on the website russia.study/en fill out an electronic form and submit your application. Indicate the university you like most of all as your first choice (Moscow institute of Physics and Technology - MIPT) and list other schools in descending order according to your preferences, but no more than six. Please indicate the "Reference number" of the chosen master program (example 03.04.01, etc)