The status of the prominent technical university in Russia is confirmed not only by achievements of scientists and alumni, but also by high positions in international rankings (2019):

THE (The Times Higher Education World University Rankings) — 251-300

THE - Life Sciences — 201-250

THE - Physical Sciences — 50

THE - Computer science — 101-125

QS World University Rankings — 312

QS / Emerging Europe & Central Asia — 16

QS / BRICS — 21

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is the leading technical university in Russia. The MIPT education ecosystem relies on proven instruction methods and an innovative infrastructure that allow to train the top skills specialists in the different fields of advanced science and technology.


The distinctive feature of studying at MIPT is opportunities for students to do experiments and test their scientific hypotheses with a personal research advisor and leading experts from all over the world.

MIPT invites winners and prize-winners of the Open Doors Olympiad to become a student at the best technical university in Russia!



If you:

  • are foreign citizen / stateless person/compatriot living outside the Russian Federation
  • have bachelor's degree or you are finishing the program of bachelor degree in 2020
  • are winner/prize-winner of Open Doors Olympiad


We invite you for Master degree in one of the best technical Russian universities — MIPT. The following educational programs are available to you:


  • Opportunity to choose one of the best Russian universities
  • Education for free on Russian-taught or English-taught Master programs
  • Opportunity to learn Russian for foreign students on foundation course


September, 15, 2020 — December, 10, 2020
First stage of Olympiad (registration of participants)

December, 11, 2020 – December, 20, 2020
Portfolio grading

December, 25, 2020
Announcement of the portfolio competition results

December, 26, 2020 — January, 10, 2021
Registration for the second stage of Olympiad

January, 11, 2021 — January, 30, 2021
Second stage of Olympiad

January, 11, 2021 — February, 2, 2021
Grading of the second stage of Olympiad

February, 10, 2021
Announcement of the results of the second stage

February, 11, 2021 - February, 18, 2021
Appeal process

February, 22, 2021
Announcement of the Open Doors winners (for Master degree)

February, 23, 2021 - February, 28, 2021
Registration for the third stage of Olumpiad (for PhD participants)

March, 1, 2021 - March, 19, 2021
Third stage of Olympiad

March, 23, 2021
Announcement of  competition results for the third stage of Olympiad


The Olympiad is held completely online, which gives an opportunity to enter best Russian universities staying at home. All you have to do is to come to campus for classes!

Our Campus

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is located in cosy suburb of Moscow — Dolgoprudny. It takes 20 minutes to reach centre of Moscow by train.

The main advantages of Dolgoprudny are neighbourhood to Moscow and convenient infrastructure for students (educational buildings, sports grounds, swimming pool, football fields, hospital, cafe all within walking distance).

Sofia Belen Lopez Vicens, Argentina.

Hello! My name is Sofia. I'm from Argentina and I study Applied Physics and Mathematics here at MIPT, at the Department of Problems of Physics and Energetics. I chose this university because I took part in programming competitions during school, and it was a trend to always see the Russian universities at the top of the scoreboards, especially this one. I wanted to know what they were doing different.

One big difference from Argentina, for example, is the competition. For Russians to get admited here, they have to get the best grades on the Unifed State Exam, or win a medal on a olympiad. In my country, most of the entry exams are not competitive. The thing is, when you are pushed to keep up with the best, you never rest, you always striving for more.

Well, I wanted to be a part of this, that's why I chose the Russian program, despite having the possibility to study in English. I did the preparatory course in another city, Nizhny Novgorod, and then received the scholarship for MIPT.

Coming here, it was a shock for me. The studying system is on a whole different level. You get a list of problems that you have to solve throughout the semester. Plus, you have to learn like 60 theorems for the final exam in Math Analysis. It was very hard at first because I didn't have the same preparation from school as my classmates. But here's a secret, this type of learning is tough for everyone. They push you to the limit, and you start seeing progress very fast. That's what I love about MIPT.

After finishing the program here, I plan to continue my studies in Computational Physics. Before realizing physics was my thing, I had planned to study computer science. This field brings together what I like doing the most: programming and physics.


Azzam Hamad, Syria.

My name is Azzam Hamad from Syria. I am a first-year PhD student in Biological Sciences at MIPT university. I got a governmental scholarship and I chose MIPT because of its state-of-the-art laboratories with comprehensive theoretical and practical backgrounds. Also, ranking of the MIPT makes it one of the most significant Russian universities. My experience at MIPT is very special for me in what I found. All the staff of MIPT is very friendly with the foreigners in a way which is really wonderful!

MIPT also is somewhat different in its structure as it represents a whole society of "Phystech" people who are known for their excellent achievements and high ranking reputation in every field they work in. For my future, I hope to accomplish my PhD study successfully and defend my thesis with real and significant results. After that, I want to continue as a post-doc in my field and it could be MIPT again if I could make it here. As well, I am trying to further make collaborations between MIPT and my country so we can benefit from the great experience of MIPT.

Carlos Buitrago, Colombia.

My name is Carlos Buitrago, I am from Colombia.  I am currently in my second year of a Master’s program in Advanced Combinatorics here in MIPT.  I have been studying at this university for almost six years. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Physics in 2018 and I am hoping to continue my Phd here as well. I remember very well the first week of study here, at that moment, I understood that this university was not like the others here in Russia or in Colombia, this one was created in order to train each of its students at the highest level in physics and mathematics, following a unique system invented by the  famous russian physicist Pyotr Kapitsa. For me, it was too difficult to study here, not only at the beginning, but during all my career. Now, I am very thankful to each of the professors I have had during all these years because I am sure that I am  prepared enough to develop scientific research in any part of the world.


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